[FICLET] Regret

Author : cherry_blossom a.k.a r13eonnie
Main Cast :

– Kim Rae In ( OC )

– Kai / Kim Jong In ( EXO K )

Other Cast : Find it by yourself
Genre : Life, Angst, Friendship
Rating : G
Type : Ficlet
Lenght : 2207 Words
Credit poster to FBlue

Annyeong….^^ Riana imnida 87 line…eonnie author baru di sini..sebelumnya makasih yah buuat adminnya yang uda invite,,,Ini FF pertama eonnie yang di post di sini,,tapi FF ini udah pernah di post d Beberapa blog pribadi eonni, jadi klo ada yg uda baca n mau comment lagi boleh, lho…hehe..;D Karna ini FF perdananya di sini, mohon buat semua readernya RCL nya yah…dan salam kenal buat semuaa admin, author dan readernya RFF..*bow
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[FF Freelance] And Thats All I Really Know (Oneshot)

Author : aeril0909(The same author of Figth For This Love)

Title: And Thats All I Really Know

Main cast: Super Junior’s Kyuhyun & You (reader)

Genre: Romance

Length: Oneshot

I made this one in only about 30 minutes while listenin to Adele – One and Only

Sorry for the typo or the same stroy line nor cast or genre .

This story was inspired from Taylor Swift – You Belong With Me and a lyric form her Love Stroy ‘I love you and that’s all i really know’

Gosh , those two palyin a bog role here ~


We belong to each other and that’s all i really know~

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