[FF Freelance] Something ’bout Love (Vignette)

something about love

Author                  : Yoon Minhyo

Cast                       : Infinite’s Lee Sungyeol

                                  A Pink’s Son Naeun

Supp Cast            : Anothers Infinite’s member.

Rate                       : PG 15

Genre                   : Romance, life

Length                  : Vignette

Disclaimer           : Parah /.\ FF yang lain masih numpuk tapi tiba-tiba teringat sama Sungyeol kkk~

                                  FF ini juga sudah di post di wp http://myparadiseintheheaven.wordpress.com/

Summary             : “She’s not B2st’s girl!! She’s mine!!” –Lee Sungyeol


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[FF Freelance] Am I Good Neighbor? (Ficlet)

Am I A Good Neighbor.

Title : Am I Good Neighbor?

Author : Rut Lyvia (@lyviamidul)

Genre : Romance, Friendship

Length : Ficlet

Main Cast :

·         Krystal

·         Jr as Jinyoung

Support Cast :

·         JB as Jaebum

·         Amber

·         Victoria

Author’s Note :

·         Bingung gak sama main cast-nya? Secara pribadi, author gak pernah liat main castnya dua itu. Jadi mau coba. FF ini terinspirasi karena baru tahu dorm f(x) sama JJ project itu tuh cuman beda lantai di apartementnya. Happy reading!


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[FF Freelance] Love in Coffee Shop (Vignette)



Love In Coffee Shop

Author : Fishy Haru

Cast : Kwon Yuri (GG), Choi Minho (SHINee), Im Yoona (GG), Jung Yunho (TVXQ).

Support cast : Kim Junsu (2PM), Cho Kyuhyun (SJ).

Lenght : Vignette

Genre : Romance, Fluff

Rating : PG-15

Disclaimer : It is my Fanfiction debut! ^^ Cast doesn’t mine. They are belongs to themself, family and God. I only use their character. But the story originaly came from my imagination. Apologize for same story with anyone. Big thanks for RFF for chance was given to me ^^. I hope readers will enjoy it.

Inspired by : Filosofi Kopi – Dee

Recomanded song : Falling in Love at Coffee Shop – Landon Pigg

Credit poster : http://cipzcagraph.wordpress.com ^^

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