[FF Freelance] In Your Eyes (Part 5)


in your eyes 2Title : In Your Eyes

Author : PinkyPark (@putrii_tasha) & Mickeymo (@yrkim19)

Main Cast : GG’s Im Yoona & EXO’s Park Chanyeol

Supporting Cast : GG’s Jung Sooyeon, EXO’s Kim Jongin, (OC’s) Park Minhwa, (OC’s) Kim Youngran

Genre : Romance, Fluff, Family, and Little Hurt

Rating : G

Length : Chaptered

Disclaimer : We own this fic’s plot and idea only. Cast belongs to God. So please respect with your comment. Don’t copy-paste or plagiarism! Thanks, enjoy reading guys 🙂

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= In Your Eyes “Chapter 5 –  ” =

Bahkan saat dunia hanya menatapmu dengan tampilan yang kecil,

Aku sepenuhnya percaya diri untuk berkata..

Kaulah satu-satunya..


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