So, I Married My Enemy | Chapter 3

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Author: Shin Min Rin/Lin (@nzazlin)

Title: So, I Married My Enemy

Cast: Park Jiyeon (T-Ara), Choi Minho (SHINee), Choi Jin Ri (f[x]), and others…

Length: Chaptered/Series

Genre: Romance, Married Life, Drama, Little bit Family and Comedy/Humor

Rated: PG 15

Disclaimer: This plot and ideas belongs to me. The ideas, of course from God. The cast belong to themselves. Don’t claim as yours!!!! (Eventhough this ff not too good.)

Summary: “Park Jiyeon! Rasanya aku terkena racun. Racun pesona mu lagi.”

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WARNING! TYPO(s), OOT, OOC dan alur yang semakin GAJE…

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