Chain of Dreams [1/2]


Chain of Dreams

storyline by Atikpiece

Main Cast :

Kang Daesung (BIGBANG) | Gong Minji (2NE1) | Others

Genre : Family, (bit) Hurt, Friendship, Life

Rating : G

Length : Twoshot


Another my Big Bang fic’s with genre ‘life’

| Seungri | G-Dragon |

You can read them first before you read this fic ^^


Read this slowly!


Di satu sisi, aku tidak punya banyak mimpi,

Namun jika boleh, dapatkah aku memilih satu untuk masa depanku?




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[FF Freelance] Autumn, Blossom of Love (Part 2)

ksunmi1248-autumn-blossom-of-loveTitle : Autumn, Blossom of Love Part 2 || Author : Ksunmi1248  || Rate : PG-17 || Length : Chapter || Genre : Romance, Family and Friendship || Cast’s : Kim Taeyeon [GG],  Jessica Jung [GG], Yesung [SJ],  Lee Donghae [SJ] || Credit Poster : Cocolollipop (  ||  Disclaimer : Inspired by various drama, novel and song.^.^

 Previous : Part 1,

You are free to make your choices but you are not free to choose the consequences –

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No More You [2] - A Kwon

Credit : A Kwon

No More You

By. Rebecca Lee

Main : Choi Seunghyun, Kwon Jiyoung | Support : Lee Seungri | Angst, Thriller | PG-16 | Warning! : Blood scene | OneShot

Disclaimer : Everything in this story is mine except cast. Just borrow their name.

[ Me Talk ]

Fiksi pertamaku yang mengambil tema thriller juga dengan cast GDTOP. Sedikit ada bumbu YAOI di tengah cerita and that’s all. Hope you enjoyed!

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