[FF Freelance] Decorate



| RATING: PG-15 |

| GENRE: Drama, Slight!Angst |

| LENGTH: Vignette |

| MAIN CAST: Huang Zitao (EXO-M), Mengjia (Miss A) |


DISCLAIMER: Plot&Storyline original by beautywolfff®



So you decided to see me out of the blue

Should I let you come over

I think you’re doing fine

That girl in your arms does she know, where you come from?


P.S: try to read this ff and listen to the music: YUNA-DECORATE//for the stronger feels.

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[FF Freelance] Principle of Love

pol poster.jpg

Title: Principle of Love

Scriptwriter: tiarawr

Rating: T

Genre: AU, romance, hurt

Length: oneshot

Main Cast:

  • Kang Minhyuk CNBLUE
  • Krystal/ Jung Soojung f(x)

Support Cast:

  • Jung Yonghwa CNBLUE
  • Kwon Sohyun 4minute

Disclaimer: Characters belong to themselves. I just own the story. 100% fiction. Plagiator please stay away!

Note: Minhyuk and Krystal are my #1 biases. So it’s my pleasure to write stories about them. Happy reading and please be a good reader! ^^



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