[FF Freelance] 옛 생각(Reminiscence) (Chapter 1)


Title           : 옛생각(Reminiscence)

Author      : Whitney

Cast            : Kim Myung Soo a.k.a L

Yeon Seul Mi

Nam Woo Hyun (will appear in part 2)

Genre        : Romance, little angst, humor (Maybe)

Rating       : PG15+

Length       : Part 1 of …

Disclaimer: Published on my personal blog. Hope you like and enjoy read this story. If you interesting with my FF, please leave a comment or hit ‘Like’. Thanks for the appreciate.



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[FF Freelance] Heart’s Secret


Title : Heart’s Secret

Author : utheviez a.k.a Shin Sungyoung (@light2469)

Editor : Charismagirl

Credit poster : vanflaminkey91 (@whitevenus_4 ) | http://cafeposterart.wordpress.com

Main Cast(s) :

  • Byun Baekhyun
  • Lee Heeyeon
  • Park Chanyeol

Support Cast(s) :

  • Shin Sungyoung
  • Kim Jongin
  • EXO

Genre : Romance, friendship, little-bit sad

Rating : General

Length : Oneshot

Disclamer : This story is mine. Inspired by my friend’s story.  Also posted on another site with same title and authors name.it’s not a plagiarism issue.

Author’s Note : It’s my first Korean fanfiction. Sorry for bad story.

Summary :  Aku tidak bias egois meskipun aku sangat imgin. Aku boleh saja tersakiti, asal Heeyeon tidak. –Byun Baekhyun.

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