[FF Freelance] The New Born


Title :  The New Born

Author :  Lavender

Rating : General

Length : Vignette

Genre : Friendship, sad

Main Cast : Jessica SNSD & Tiffany SNSD

Support Cast : Lee Dong Hae Super Junior & Choi Siwon Super Junior

Disclaimer :  Semua cast milik Tuhan dan keluarganya. Ide cerita milik author. Ini FF pertama yang aku bikin. Mohon review-nya. Thanks and happy reading all.

Picture : Taken from Google

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[FF Freelance] Take A Bow

Take A Bow (bang2bang.wordpress.com)

Take a Bow


Neo Xenon


| Nichkhun Horvejkul, Tiffany Hwang, Choi Siwon | PG-13 | Vignette | Romance, Sad, Life, Alternative Universe | The cast are belong to themselves, parents, management and God. I just borrow the name for my story. This story is mine and original by me, so don’t be a plagiator! Sorry if you got the typo. Keep RCL. Inspired by Rihanna-Take a Bow and my imagination.| Cover by http//bang2bang.wordpress.com |

Curtain’s finally closing. Very entertaining.



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[Chapter 4] XXME BASTARD!!!


Title: XXME BASTARD!!! | Author: Cimolxx92 | Main Cast: BIGBANG’s Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), Sandara Park (2NE1), Jennie Kim(New YG Artist), Nam Taehyun (WINNER), Mizuhara Kiko |Support Cast: YG FAMILY |Rating: PG-15| Genre: Romance, Family, Friendship |Length: Chapter



Plot Is Mine. The Characters are belong to God. Say No To Plagiarism! J


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Oh girl, I cry cry

You are my all. Say goodbye, bye

Oh, my love… Don’t lie, lie

You are my heart, say goodbye…

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