[FF Freelance] Our Little Promise – About Us and Them (Chapter 8)


Title                 :           Our Little Promise : About Us and Them

Author            :           Red Rose

Length             :           Chaptered

Rating              :           PG-15

Genre               :           Romance, Angst, Hurt

Main Cast       :           Jung Soo Jung & Kim Jong In

Other Cast      :           Jung Soo Yeon, Song Qian, & Choi Jin Ri

Previous         :          Chapter 1Chapter 2Chapter 3Chapter 4Chapter 5Chapter 6, Chapter 7,

Credit Poster   :          Lee Yong Mi @allthingsiwannapost.wordpress.com

Disclaimer      :           The story is mine. Read it and give me some advice about my story.

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[FF Freelance] ‘Big’ Baby (Chapter 3)


©andinarima by http://cafeposterart.wordpress.com


Title : ‘Big’ Baby

Cast : Oh Sehun (EXO-K) Baek Sumin

Author : OhLala (@Lalalilulelooo)

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Fluff, Angst.

Lenght : Chapter

Rating : PG-15

Previous : PrologChapter 1, Chapter 2,

Disclaimer : This Fanfiction just fiction and the story is from my mind. Don’t try to copypaste.Sorry, i think there are plagiator with same title. Please, don’t try to copy my fanfiction.

And i’ll post it in some blog, especially in my blog http://storyoflalakarisma.wordpress.com


[Who’s Baby?]

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[FF Freelance] Deer Love Story (Chapter 3)

deer love story

Title: Deer Love Story

Author: Sam Diey

Genre: Schoollife, Family, Romance

Rating: General

Cast: Xi Luhan – Im Yoona

SupCast: find by yourself

Previous: Chapter 1, Chapter 2,

Summary: Xi Luhan yang pendendam memutuskan untuk memperbaiki hubungannya dengan Im Yoona. Seorang siswi SMU Heirs yang merupakan musuh bebuyutannya. Bermodalkan rasa sabar dan seorang sunbae yang dekat dengannya ia meminta Yoona untuk berdamai. Bisakah dua orang yang sudah lama bermusuhan itu memperbaiki hubungan mereka? Atau malah akan lebih menyakiti satu sama lain.


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