About hoyagan

여러분 어서 오십시요 ㅡ 안뇽하십니까


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Devy Kartika Rizki ㅡ 22 November 1997

Mention me as Devy, and i loved to everyone called me eonni or noona because i rarely see people said me that one. Dedicated for Dancing, Writing, Stalking about bias xD

Park Jimin girlfriend detected, Lee Howon wife, Kim Jongdae belokan (?), will join somebody scream on fangirling, Respect about multifandom, because I am too, so shout your biases with me if you which fangirling alone LOL! ㅎㅎ

But i totally 방탄소년단 hardcore fans.

Let’s be friend! and last one, my Baby Glamorous selcas for Love. 감사합니다!


my Boy

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