Bloody School (Chapter 5)


Bloody School (Chapter 5)

Written by DkJung

Main Casts : [Miss A] Bae Sooji | [F(x)] Jung Soojung

Support Casts : [15&] Bae Yerin | [GOT7] Im Jaebum | [EXO] Oh Sehun | [15&] Park Jimin | [SNSD] Kim Taeyeon | [2PM] Jang Wooyoung | [Infinite] Kim Myungsoo, and others.

Genre : thriller, horror | Rated : Teen | Length : Chptered | Disclaimer : the idea was inspired by a novel ‘Bleeding Survivor’


It’s just about a young girl who wants to take a revenge to her ‘beloved’ friends.


Chapter 1 . Chapter 2 . Chapter 3 . Chapter 4

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[FF Freelance] Fate (Chapter 1)


Judul FF : Fate (chapter 1)

Author: JHaerin

Rating: PG-13

Length: Chapters

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Sad, Angst

Main Cast :

  • Oh Sehoon
  • Oh Hayoung
  • Oh SeYoung (OC)
  • Kris Wu

Support Cast : Kim Jongin, Jung Krystal


Udah pernah di post di tapi mohon ga dikasih tau soalnya disana udah hampir selesai fanficnya^^
storyline asli dari pikiran saya, dan cast milik ayah ibunya masing masing. 


“aku buta, namun apakah jika orang buta menyayangi orang normal itu salah?”



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[FF Freelance] ‘Big’ Baby (Chapter 3)


©andinarima by


Title : ‘Big’ Baby

Cast : Oh Sehun (EXO-K) Baek Sumin

Author : OhLala (@Lalalilulelooo)

Genre : Romance, Comedy, Fluff, Angst.

Lenght : Chapter

Rating : PG-15

Previous : PrologChapter 1, Chapter 2,

Disclaimer : This Fanfiction just fiction and the story is from my mind. Don’t try to copypaste.Sorry, i think there are plagiator with same title. Please, don’t try to copy my fanfiction.

And i’ll post it in some blog, especially in my blog


[Who’s Baby?]

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[FF Freelance] Chance? (Chapter 1)


Title           : Chance?

Author      : Candie Angevine

Rated        : T

Length      : Chaptered

Genre        : Drama, School-Life

Cast(s)       :

–          Kim Jongin

–          Oh Sehun

–          Shin Haneul

–          Ahn Hyesung

Disclaimer   : The Story is pure mine and already posted in ^^

~ ~ ~

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